Billie writes and performs deep-feeling folk-esque songs, the quality of their vocal has been likened to Sandy Denny and Judy Tzuke. They are, however, very much their own artist with a strong and infectious sense of spirituality and self.

“I have had really meaningful experiences watching or listening to music that were catalysts for emotional release. I have had similar feedback from people at my performances” says Billie Maree.

Inspired by an upbringing in the landscape of Devon, their debut EP We Belong reflects the nuances of human experience – with a focus on accepting all parts of ourselves, the shadows and the light. Calling in a sense of belonging. 

They self-produced and mostly self-recorded the debut EP, Each song was written about moments that moved Billie during the darker months of Winter. Billie was inspired to learn how to record and edit their own music as they wanted to have as much input into their creation as possible. 



“When approaching Billie Maree, one must be ready to embrace her nuanced artistry – an invisible force that constantly draws you in, making it hard to stop listening”

Gabriel Maza, Mezmerized

“A very special artist who is giving us a narrative in her music that is hard to come by. Brightness swirls with melancholy…  poetic lyrics and unconventional style… not your typical acoustic singer songwriter. There’s just something wonderfully inventive about it all”

Graeme Smith, York Calling

“A sublimely tranquil slice of finger picked elegance that will have you drifting away to sun dappled glades with warm breezes flowing past you.”

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